Kapalua Wellness Presenter David ClawsonDavid Clawson, present Founder of COREdio Fitness, Professional Sports Performance Trainer, Nutritionist. Former Equinox Fitness Tier 3+ Personal Trainer & Nutritionist (5 years). Spending five amazing years as a personal trainer at Equinox Fitness, San Mateo, Clawson rose to the ranks of a Tier 3+ PT, and in-house TRX Master Instructor. During his tenure at Equinox certifications include: NCSF Personal Trainer Certified, Precision Nutrition Certified, TRX Suspension Trainer Certified, ViPR Certified, RKC Kettlebell Level I & II Certified, Institute of Motion Certified, Functional Movement Screening Certified. In the spring of 2014 Clawson created a private training business, COREdio Fitness. Since then, he continues to improve the lives of those he works with in his community and specializes in everything from sports performance, and weight management and nutrition, to functional movement & strength.